Numala Kinder Nature Play

numala jarra ♥ numala jarjum ♥ numala nabei

embrace country ♥ embrace the child ♥ embrace play

NKNP Vision and Values

Numala Kinder Nature Play offers safe and nurturing opportunities for children and adults to embrace a natural childhood.  

We value COUNTRY – celebrating our local indigenous community, our local nature spaces and our responsibilities as stewards of this earth. We value CREATIVITY through unstructured play in nature, arts exploration, and our own unique talents. We value CONNECTION through mindful engagement with our Selves, our thinking,  nature space and our community.

NKNP Approach

At Numala Kinder Nature Play we learn together. Our creative flow becomes the basis for learning, and together we pursue the threads of our own curiosity, learning with and from each other. Through a balance of focused mentoring, creative arts exploration and unstructured adventurous play in nature we explore what we know about our world, and our connection to this place on Earth.

Numala Kinder Nature Play acknowledges the Kombumerri and surrounding tribes of the Gold Coast region and celebrates this connection in all areas of the daily program. Yugumbeh language is woven into daily rhythms, an integral part of belonging, being and becoming in this place of learning.




4 thoughts on “Numala Kinder Nature Play

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in your Tuesday playgroups.

    Where do you normally meet for these? I live at Palm Beach so wanted to see how far I would have to travel.

    Thanks so much


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