Spider and Fly

This week we built a big spiderweb between the trees. Two long ropes weren’t enough to make it sufficiently webby, so we added some long finger knitting and some t shirt scraps. It was a very beautiful spider web.

NK Numala Kinder Spider Web 1

We didn’t have a plan in mind, we just thought it might be fun. Soon the children had a game organised: Spider and Fly. If someone calls out “Spider!” then you need to walk on the ropes of the web only. If someone calls out “Fly!” then you buzz in the spaces between the ropes, taking care not to touch the web!  We brought some little spiders with us: little creatures made with wrapped wool and dried lomandra stalks. Some of these spiders found a home in the trees, another in the web itself.

Over the next hour the spider web became a trap for some cheeky rabbits who were stealing veggies from the garden, and a maze and an obstacle course, among other things. Then we ate our morning tea, took our spiders and returned home.

Little Wrapped Spider NKNumala Kinder





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