An Invitation to Get Dirty

After an initial visit, one of my Numala Jajumms opened up the Handbook I had given her mother, saw the picture of my daughter’s muddy feet on the front cover and said “Ooh! It’s an invitation to get dirty!”. When her mother told me this, I laughed … why yes! Of course if you like. We do get a bit dirty here sometimes, although not everyone is keen on the idea at first.

Muddy Feet.NK

We often get wet.


Sometimes we get colourful.

elepehant toothpast

It’s just that we find that getting dirty, wet or colourful often happens when we explore the creative possibilities in materials and our environment. It’s also what happens when we are exploring our own personal likes and dislikes. Sometimes we find new ways of expression, a new sense of comfort, a sense of belonging, not to mention a sense of humour. Forgetting to stay clean often means we’ve had a good bit of fun.

mud stockings

You don’t have to if you don’t want to, it’s your choice. We don’t always play in places that are grubby. But we do spend a lot of time outside. You know what they say, though: “children and clothes can be washed”. When you are comfortable, when you are feeling ready, when you are feeling super interested and inspired in your play, you might find you accidentally get a bit dirty now and then. Playing outside is the best kind of sensory play. It’s ok to forget to stay clean. I invite you 🙂

Little Yowie.NK


5 thoughts on “An Invitation to Get Dirty

  1. There’s nothing like the feeling of mud between your feet! Lovely photos and post – sharing this with my followers. Thank you for linking up to the #outdoorplayparty


    • Thank you very much. Just at the moment the rain comes daily and mud happens – frequently. I’m still told “I don’t LIKE mud” by some of my little friends … but they are learning to say ‘mud happens!’ too 🙂


  2. Love love love it! There is nothing quite like having fun and getting dirty in the process. It’s great to see kids so absorbed in the process of play that they forget about staying clean 🙂


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