Homemade Fairy Wings

We’ve had a variety of fairy wings in our collection of dress-ups over the years but they’ve all come to sad end eventually: twisted forms of wire, stocking and glitter. Not very delicate. I have two designs for simple wings now which are more than satisfactory for children when required in their games! And you can make them in about two minutes. The wings are worn in a loop around the shoulders. Nothing fancy. I have found the children just like a bit of stuff to wear about their back. You can turn the elastic around so that the wings are high or low depending on where the child would like to wear them.


The first version are made of large fallen leaves with long stalks. I much prefer these! We have made up four sets and they live down at our Ballun Nabei Circle, our play area by the river. Gather the leaves together in two bunches and wrap them in the middle.

Autumn Leaf Wings

The second version are made with tulle and wool/elastic. Cut up a piece, scrunch it up in the middle and tie it. Simple! I have tulle about the place because I am a felt-maker, so there is always a bit of netting handy when required. My netting was getting a bit old to felt with, but still make lovely wings, so it was perfect to recycle them. If you don’t have any about the place, you can get tulle or netting in second-hand stores, or you could cut up that old mosquito net which has holes in it, or you could look in the remnants bin at a fabric store. The tulle wings I keep at home for dressing up inside or in the backyard. You just never know when wings will be required.

Little Bird in a Nest

You can also use a bit of finger-knitted wool to tie the wings up in the middle and leave the two strands loose so they can be re-tied in a bow around the child. Four-year-olds might find fingerknitting a little tricky, but it is a good time to practice. Five-year-olds will find it easier. Six-year-olds will fingerknit you kilometers of the stuff.