Story: The Eastern Yellow Robin and the Easter Basket

IMG_2100An Easter story for the southern hemisphere written by and copyright to Jennifer McCormack, Autumn 2012, first published on my blog lavendilly.

Once upon a time, not far from here there was a patch of bush land where a little eastern yellow robin flittered about the trees, flashing her bright yellow feathers and twittering happily as she flew about looking for soft bits of bark and leaves to line her little nest. In the late summer this patch of bush land received a lot of rain. There was rain every day! Sometimes the rain would be light little drops that dripped off the ends of the leaves and sometimes it would be really heavy rain that soaked everything. After all this rain everything would grow and grow until the little yellow robin thought the bush land was covered in a green mist! The grasses and weeds had grown a lot too, and soon they had grown so much that the little yellow robin had too much soft grass to line her nest, and she couldn’t see the earth for all the weeds.

One day, while the little yellow robin was looking for some insects to eat, a girl came walking through the patch of bush land. She had on a hat, boots and gloves and she walked in carrying something rolled up inside a little bundle. She was singing as she walked her way through the weeds and grasses, and when she found a clear spot she knelt down, put down her bundle and began to pull out the weeds that were growing nearby. As she worked she sang, and when she had cleared a space she opened her bundle and took out a little brown thing, dug a hole and buried it.

Little bulbs now rest and sleep

Safe with Mother Earth you’ll keep

And when Spring comes, to you she’ll sing

And you’ll awake and flowers bring.

The little eastern yellow robin loved her song and began to sing with her as she worked. She loved the promise of new flowers – sometimes you have to look carefully to see the flowers in the bush … there were some little yellow and red pea flowers blossoming but they were hidden by the weeds. There were some native violets flowering too but nobody could see them under the thick grass. Day after day the little girl would come back, sometimes with friends, to pull out the weeds and grasses that had grown too tall and to plant the little brown bulbs. Each time she would sing her song and the little eastern yellow robin would sing with her.

Little bulbs now rest and sleep

Safe with Mother Earth you’ll keep

And when Spring comes, to you she’ll sing

And you’ll awake and flowers bring.

Soon the patch of bush looked beautiful again! All the little shrubs were visible again and the yellow and red pea flowers could be seen glowing on their branches and the native violets covered the ground under the trees, loving the clear air and sunshine. They turned their happy purple and white faces to the sun. The little eastern yellow robin was so happy to see her patch of bush looking clean and tidy, and best of all the little girl and her friends had been planting brown bulbs that will flower with white Australian lilies when the springtime came.

The little yellow robin wanted to thank the girl who had cleared her little patch of bush land and so she wove a little basket, just like her own little nest out of the dried grasses that the girl had pulled up. These were yellow and so pretty. Then she filled her basket with soft yellow feathers, little native violets and best of all was the gift for the little girl of a little crystal stone she’d found, shaped like an egg, and speckled blue and brown like her own little eggs.

The little yellow robin left the basket under her tree, on a carpet of native violets, for the little girl to find the next day. When she saw the basket the little girl was delighted and she held it so gently. The yellow robin flew down and landed nearby, singing to the little girl and they both stood and admired the lovely patch of bush land. The little girl took her basket home with great care and put it on her Autumn Easter table along with some of the bush flowers she had found. She often returned to the patch of bush land to keep it clear and clean so that the bulbs she planted would grow and be seen in spring … and when the springtime came the little yellow robin would sit on her own speckled blue and brown egg and delight in the big white lilies that sprouted everywhere around.


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