Leaf Crowns

These lovely crowns are made from leaves in my garden. I found that monstera leaves become rather leathery when they are dried and when you split them apart they are easy to braid into crowns. They are even strong enough to wrap around the end and tie themselves up. In the absence of dried monstera leaves you could braid some other large-leafy plant in your garden, like palm fronds or lomandra, or if nothing like this is around then you could braid some cut up old t-shirts, or raffia if you happened to have some.Feather Crown.NK.

Once braided and tied to fit a small head, the crowns can be decorated with bits and pieces found nearby. My daughter likes to stick in feathers, casuarina needles, other leaves and seed pods that still have stalks on them. We hang them up and leave them down out our Ballun Nabei Circle so that they are always there as an outdoor dressup. When they get a bit old and shabby then they can be pulled apart and left with the leaf litter under the trees.

Leaf Crown2.NK.

Another way to make a natural leaf crown is to find fallen leaves with long stems and thread them together like a daisy chain. Use the stem to thread in and out of another leaf, adding more leaves to make a chain. Dried and crackly leaves will flake and fall apart so find leaves that are freshly fallen (don’t pull them off the tree!). These crowns don’t last long, but long enough for a morning’s joyful playing.

Leaf Crown.NK.