Dragonfly and Butterfly Leaf Kites

I have just spent a happy morning sitting in the sunshine weaving fallen leaves. I was making leaf crowns for my daughters, and then I made one too long. It looked like a caterpillar, and I was happy with that.

Then I spotted some larger leaves that we had collected to make fairy wings. So I wove those in sideways and they became wings. They reminded me of dragonflies!

Leaf Dragonflies.NK.

Then the wind lifted and they blew beautifully in the breeze – so with a needle I wove some thread into the first few leaves, tied it off, and then attached the other end to a stick to make a kite. I gave it to my girls and they new exactly what to do!

So it turns out that woven leaves are quite delicate and can’t take the strain of enthusiastic running and whooshing. When the Numala Kinder jarjums had a play with them, our dragonflies lost their tails now and then, and needed a little reinforcing. So next time I will stitch all the way from one end to the other, rather than just the first few leaves.

The next week the jarjums and I were chasing little yellow butterflies in our garden with nets, but weren’t having any luck catching any – so I made some BIGGER butterflies from fallen leaves – these were much easier to catch! We tossed them up in the air, and also let them go from the top of the tree house, and caught them in our nets as they fluttered down …

Butterfly, butterfly, colours softly sing

spread your wings and flutter by, pretty little thing!

Leaf Butterfly.NK

These were made in the same way as the dragonflies, except I turned the leaves sideways so that they became wings, and threaded the stems through each leaf.  We wanted to fly them in the same way as the dragonflies, so I tied some thread in the middle of the wings and attached it to a stick. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to watch those little butterflies dance on the breeze. It seemed as though we must have called the butterflies to us this day, as we later discovered one in the house, and the children oh-so-very-gently caught it and released it outside. With so many butterflies it wasn’t surprising when we also called in a butterfly and autumn leaf story at rest time too. I will share that one on another day …

Leaf Butterflies NK