Nature Day Camp Checklist

If your child is booked in for Nature Day Camp, please come prepared with the following items for each session. Following this checklist will allow us to head out to our activities with minimal preparation time = more play time and less lost items!

Please note: The house rooms (other than the playroom) are out of bounds during Nature Day Camp, so children will need to change into swimmers in the outdoor toilet for privacy – this can take some time in the morning so please come already dressed in rashie and board shorts.

Arrive dressed and ready for water play:

  • Wide-brimmed hat,
  • Wearing swim shirt (rashie – preferably long sleeved),
  • Wearing swim shorts (or old shorts) – these WILL get dirty
  • Apply sunscreen to your child upon arrival.
  • Dry spare clothes in a plastic bag (t-shirts and shorts only – no singlet tops, dresses or skirts)
  • Towel

Pack a healthy PICNIC lunch for the day: morning tea and lunch

  • Drink bottle (water only – no juice, milk or soft drinks)
  • Lightly packed insulated picnic lunch bags which stays in children’s bags (No refrigeration available – children need to be able to carry their own lunches and water bottles)
  • Packaging-free foods please (minimise rubbish)
  • NO sugary foods, packaged snacks or foods with additives. High energy foods such as fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, whole grains, nut butters and veggie sticks, homemade baked goods are perfect. Pack a little extra just in case.

Other items you may need

  • Raincoat and gumboots (wet weather days only)
  • Personal insect repellent
  • Life vest for swimming in river or pool if required.

Children are responsible for their own items. Every attempt is made to support their personal organisation. Lost/forgotten items will remain at Numala Kinder for collection.