NKNP Nature Play Shop

I am often contacted for support in starting up a nature play business and asked for advice around planning and administration. Over many years I have created my own templates and resources for planning, reflecting and working with children outside and these have been field tested by myself and other educators. They are a great resource to get you started with your nature play programs.

10 Ways to Learn Outside NKNP-page-00110 WAYS TO LEARN OUTSIDE – click HERE to download for free

Outdoor learning does not have to involve getting dirty! Here are 10 simple ways you can introduce your class to learning outside. This is a great poster to display and share with families and teachers to encourage more opportunities to engage with the outdoors during learning time.

NKNP SESSION PLAN - SAMPLE-page-001SESSION PLANNING – $3 download, click HERE to purchase

Forest/Bush School and nature play sessions should be child-led and focused around free play activities in nature, however a predictable rhythm and rough plan for the session helps the facilitator to prepare. This planning template is designed to allow for free play opportunities within a predictable session routine, and opportunities to reflect on emerging play themes and curriculum opportunities based on children’s inquiries and investigations and includes sections to consider games, stories and resources needed for the session. On the reverse of the sheet there is space for reflections and observations to inform your planning and preparation for the next session. Suitable for playgroups and half-day sessions.

NKNP Stick Challenge Cards - IntroSTICK CHALLENGE TASK CARDS, $5 download, click HERE to purchase

Stick Challenges are an opportunity to take your children outside and challenge their group work and mathematical problem solving using natural and open-ended materials.
For younger students you can use the cards as an opening activity before free play, plan a series of lessons around the cards building up their skills towards more complex projects, or for older students you could select a card at random for the class challenge or divide the class into groups with a challenge each. There are 12 Stick Challenge Task Cards and extra blank cards for ideas that your students may come up with on their own. Print and laminate these cards for durability outside.




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