STORYTELLING – A collection of posts reflecting on the art of storytelling with children:

Simple, Spontaneous Storytelling – or, “What to do when you forget how the story goes” ….


STORIES – A collection of stories created with or for the children at Numala Kinder:

Why the Swamp Hen has a Red Beak – a nature story

Little Yowie Wants to Play – a story about a smelly, dirty, hairy creature who just wants to play with some friends. Introduces Yugambeh words for local birds, encourages outdoor play and treasure hunting, kindness and cleanliness.

Come Play With Me – the river, the tree and the meadow encourage a child to overcome reservations to play outside.

The River Elf – a story to help our new friends to settle in to our nature play rhythm at Numala Kinder. Written specifically to introduce our play areas, the way we can use them together, and to acknowledge that it is ok to take it slowly when you start somewhere new.

The Eastern Yellow Robin and the Easter Basket – a unique Australian Easter Story, connecting children with the importance of conservation in natural areas, encouraging children to engage in simple acts of weeding in their local areas.

The Ringing Bell – a fairytale story to celebrate and honour my little one’s birth by caesarean.

Pingin and the River Ninjas – a nature story to compliment superhero play and reconnect children with their own unique skills and playful confidence.


What are your thoughts?

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